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Timber Lined Staircases

Save Money

If you have a double story house, then you will have a stair case. And as you probably know to have a solid timber staircase built can be very costly. Prices from $10000 to $20000 are common figures quoted.

Connollys has a solution for you, have the staircase built in Mdf, and when we install your floor, we can also line the mdf staircase with the floorboards, removing the need to have it made from solid timber and ensuring the timber is an exact match. And best of all you will save a lot of money. Also if you have an existing staircase it may be able to be covered over with the matching flooring. Take a look at some staircases we have covered with the flooring, note we can curve the floors and we machine a bullnose edge.

Timber Flooring species

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