Our Showroom is unlike any other,

At Connollys you won’t find tiny little stands with timber offcuts as displays.

Arguably Melbourne’s largest and best showroom, we have around 1500m2 of solid timber flooring, engineered timber flooring, timber decking, millboard decking, timber cladding and more on display. 

What you will find is full room displays of timber floors, full sized timber decks, Decorative Screens, Wall Cladding, Ceiling Linings, Velux Skylights and a whole lot of inspiration for your home.

We are Open 6 Days a Week, our dedicated experienced staff are here to guide you with the right advice when choosing products for your home.

Connollys is dedicated to Quality, so you will only find products in our Showroom that are made to last, we don’t sell any inferior types of flooring or other products, basically if we wouldn’t put in our homes, we won’t put it in yours.

If experience, honesty, quality and service is what your looking for then a visit to Connollys is a must.


An experience, not just a shop

A visit is a must

A visit to Connollys is an absolute must for anyone seeking a unique and unparalleled experience in luxury and craftsmanship. Renowned for its rich heritage and dedication to quality, Connolly has established itself as a premier destination for those with a discerning taste for the finer things in life. The displays serve as a showcase of our commitment to excellence, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a world of timber and elegance.

Visiting a place like Connollys offers a unique and indispensable dimension to the shopping experience that simply cannot be replicated online. Unlike the virtual realm of e-commerce, a visit to us provides a tangible and sensory engagement with products. The ability to see, touch, and feel items allows customers to make informed decisions based on firsthand experiences, enabling a more confident and satisfying purchase. Whether it’s the texture , the weight, or the color accuracy of an item, these sensory aspects contribute to a holistic understanding that goes beyond the limitations of online images and descriptions.

Moreover, a visit to Connollys provides an opportunity for customers to receive personalized assistance and expert guidance from knowledgeable staff. Trained professionals can offer insights into product features, customization options, and styling tips, creating a collaborative and educational shopping environment. This level of customer service fosters a sense of trust and connection, addressing concerns and ensuring that shoppers make choices that align with their preferences and needs. In contrast, online shopping may lack this personalized touch, leaving customers to navigate choices independently and potentially leading to dissatisfaction or uncertainty.

Beyond the transactional aspect, visiting Connollys also allows customers to immerse themselves in the brand’s identity and ethos. The ambiance, aesthetics, and overall atmosphere of a physical space contribute to the narrative of a brand, creating a memorable and immersive experience. This connection to Connollys story and values enhances the overall satisfaction of the purchase, transforming it from a mere transaction into a meaningful engagement.

In essence, while online shopping offers convenience and accessibility, a visit to Connollys adds depth and richness to the consumer journey. The ability to engage with products physically, receive personalized assistance, and connect with a brand’s identity makes visiting an essential and irreplaceable aspect of the retail experience.

Visit our showroom at 148 gaffney st coburg north

Open 7 days a week
Mon-fri 9;00am to 5pm
Sat 10;00am to 4pm
sun: Closed