cheapest price vs value for money

Do you believe that quality and service are far more important than just the cheapest price? If the answers is yes, then we are the people for you and there’s probably no need to read on.

If you are however, the type of person who is only interested in obtaining the cheapest price you can find, then make sure you keep reading this, it may just save you a bunch of money and a lot of heartache. We know for a fact that our prices represent value for money, and we understand that there are companies that will sometimes appear on the surface to be cheaper, but before you part with your hard earned dollars we encourage you read all of this article and then, when you start shopping for prices, to do your homework and ensure you get fair value for your money.

Often you won’t be comparing apples for apples and even if you are, then make sure the apples are the same. Purchasing timber is like buying a car, you may obtain a price for a Ford Falcon and for a Holden Commodore, they are both 4 door sedans with engines and wheels but they are vastly different and the prices are not the same – they may not even be in the same location and so the cost of moving the vehicle, with the services of cars might need to be factored into the total. Now at this point you’re probably saying to yourself that’s obvious, any fool could see that. Ok and I agree, but timbers are no different, they come from many different manufacturers and some are a lot better than others. But let’s now assume that we have decided on the commodore and start shopping for a price. The cheapest price will always be the most basic model and the lowest quality compared to the more expensive model of the same car. Little things like colour coded bumpers, alloy wheels, better tyres, better interiors, all make a significant difference to the price, simply asking for the best price on a commodore is the wrong question. Doing your research first and having specific requirements before asking for a price is far more important and will ensure you get the best Value for your hard earned dollars.

Purchasing flooring, decking or any timber for that matter is no different to buying a car, if anything it is more complicated, as timber is a living product and must be handled correctly. Take your time to understand the differences in the timbers like the grades, the hardness, the value it can add to your home. Once you make your decision on the flooring, having it professionally installed is vital, and I can’t emphasise how different the quality can be here. I have seen it all, floors that aren’t glued at all, floors that look like they were installed by preschoolers, joins on top of each other everywhere, floors that when you look down them, resemble a snake more than a straight line, dark colours in large patches right next to big light patches, floors that have been skimmed over with a sander and left with ridges between boards and coatings that resemble sandpaper more than a coated floor. And worst of all, people that have paid money never to see the any sign of the installer again.

So my question to you is why would you trust your money and the quality of your floor to someone for the cheapest price? It just doesn’t make any sense, any company of any standing can in all reality never, I repeat never be the cheapest. If they are using the correct materials and in the correct quantities and taking the time to do the work skilfully, they cannot be the cheapest. I have seen and heard of people doing jobs for the cost of what it should have cost them for the materials. Honestly this happens more than you would think, just take a visit down to VCAT for a day and see the amount of people who wish they had done their homework and not just shopped for the cheapest price, or turn the TV on and watch A Current Affair or Today Tonight for all the horror stories about people who went for the deal that was too good to be true. With the invent of the internet it is not hard to find out about the companies you are wishing to deal with. Anyone that has been around for some time will have a presence and you should be able to find the good and the bad. If you can’t find anything then I would consider moving on to the next company.

The things you should be searching for when making any investment into your home are: Quality, Reliability, Reputation, History, Experience and Stability all of these things should be at the top of the list when choosing any supplier and tradesman to work in and on your home.

We feel at Connollys that we meet all of these criteria and this is why our company slogan is Quality Isn’t Expensive Its Priceless, please visit our showroom and let us help you choose the right product for you and ensure that you get what you’re paying for.

visit our showroom at 148 gaffney st coburg nth

Whether you’re looking for a great price or great service you will find both at connollys
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