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build a stack wood wall

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Build a stack wood wall from off cuts and left over timbers

Difficulty level 6
Not sure what to do all those off cuts and left over timbers from your recent project. Why not build yourself a wood wall? If you do, heres a few hints to get you started.

Q. Wood Wall What will you need?
A. More than enough timber to cover the area by about an extra 50%. Because you will be hand selecting each piece and making them fit into the positions that you feel are right, quite often you will need to cut them to size, which will result in some waste.

Enough plywood to cover the space you intend to construct your wood wall.

A nail gun and 50mm brads, a battery drill and 30mm to 50mm screws, a drop saw and if you have access to one a table saw it can be very handy, a level, and a lot of imagination and whole lot of patience. It takes time to find the pieces, you may try four or five pieces before you find the on that is just right.

wood wall

Step one – is to find the studs in your wall and screw the plywood to it.

Step two – choose your starting point, then mark out a level a line to follow with your first row.

Step three – grab a coffee, then stand back and plan out your first row, my suggestion is to choose the straightest pieces you have for at least the first two rows, this will make it a lot easier to keep you rows straight as you go up the wall.

Step four – get to it, start by nailing your pieces to the plywood, the object here is to create a random stack stone look out of wood, so mix it up, don’t be afraid to to go wild, you be glad you did.

Mix up sizes and colors as you go, even try cutting some pieces on angles to give another dimention.

Remember there are no real rules here, this is your art, so make it your way, for you.

If you are wondering what the timbers are in this wood wall, here is a list:

Timber flooring, decking, framing timbers, posts, f17, oregon, American Oak, Pine, Treated Pine, Merbau, sydney blugum, stringybark, spotted gum, ironbark, tallowwood, blackbutt, cambia, jarrah, Karri.

The type of timbers dont really matter, you can create different looks by using weathered or recycled timbers, what is important is to mix up the size both in length and depth.

This stack wood wall at this time is still a work in progress, but I will update this post as we go along.

If you tackle this project, I would love to know how you get on and please send me some photos.

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