Solid timber Floors

Solid timber flooring

Floor Sanding and Polishing

Timber floor sanding and polishing is just as important as choosing the right flooring. A skilfully sanded and polished floor that has high quality products used on it will look amazing and last a very long time.

Sanding and polishing is skill that is attained over a long period of time, and having the right skill set and machinery is imperative to a successful outcome.

We have been successfully been doing this for over 30 years.

New Floors and Old we do them all.

Gone are the days of only 3 coats of gloss polyurethane, today there is a myriad of potential finishes you can have on your floors.

Some finishes will enhance the colour of the floor and really make it pop, while still being able to have a Matt , Satin, semi gloss or gloss finish, or you can choose to reduce the amount of colour in the floor and still maintain the desired finish.

In our showroom we have a number of different finishes on the floors, so you will be able to get a good idea how it will look in your home. Our Davinci Matte finish has become a customer favourite, be sure to ask one of our staff to point it out to you when you visit the showroom.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Finishes

There are many different types of floor coatings all of which have their own benefits.

These are some of the different types of floor coatings, all of which have their own benefits.

Low Voc coatings

Different gloss levels

Custom stains if desired

Water based Urethanes

Solvent based Urethanes

Oil finishes

Hard waxes

Combination coatings

In our showroom we have the products we use on display, they are in a number of different sheen levels and our staff are happy to help tailor the correct finish for your home.

Floor staining


choosing colours


sample colours

While my personal opinion is the natural colour of a timber floor is best, there are times that a direct stain my be necessary, wether it be an old floor with a timber you don’t  really like ,or you a trying to create a consistent colour pallet, for what ever reason you want to stain the floor, be very sure whom ever you choose to do this is extremely competent, this is not a job for the inexperienced. 
Connollys has been staining floors for a very long time, and offer you a great result if you want to stain your floors.

The best quality floor finishes

The process of floor sanding and polishing is only as good as the materials you use to complete the project. The best sanding machines and papers are a vital part of the process, but just as important are the coatings you put on the floor. Floor coating must not only look great but last a long time as well, this why we choose as our primary floor finish to use LOBA. 

LOBA is a German made product that has all the properties you want from a floor coating, it isn’t cheap, but Quality products never are, if you want the best sometimes you need to pay a little more to get what you want and be assured of it performing the way you would expect. To view our range of LOBA products, you can click the link above.

Please call or visit showroom for pricing

Whether you’re looking to revamp an old floor or to install a new one Connollys is here to help you get the best results.