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Choosing the right flooring for your home

Choosing the right flooring for you home can be somewhat daunting task.

Today more than at any other time there is an unending list of choices, with solid timber flooring, engineered timber floors, laminates, decorative concrete, tiles, vinyl, carpets and more. 

The key to finding the right flooring for you is to consider these few essential points, for example:

Take your time and choose wisely

The flooring must be fit for purpose:

For example it would not make sense to put carpet or timber into a bathroom, as the moisture will probably affect both in a negative way, however decorative concrete or tiles will perform very well. They are both resistant to moisture but be sure to choose one with an anti slip surface. A lot of your flooring choices will be up to personal taste. Some people prefer timber or tiles in their kitchen whereas others prefer stained concrete.

Cost, value and quality verses time

Quite often I find that customers are willing to substitute the quality of the flooring to save money initially, but this is often a false economy as they end up having to replace it far sooner than they anticipate, costing them a lot more than if they have gone with the correct floor in the beginning. Also the right floor will add considerable more value to your property and the wrong floor will add nil or in the worst case take away from your equity. This may not seem like the most relevant issue to you when choosing flooring, but in reality, factors like this are quite crucial when it comes to getting the best price for your property if you ever decide to sell.

 For example: A solid timber floor in the correct timber that has been correctly installed and polished will last many lifetimes so there is no need to ever replace it, the most it will need is a recoat after a long period of wear which is reasonably inexpensive. This type of floor will be warm under foot, aesthetically pleasing to almost everyone and will not require much maintenance, it is also excellent for people with allergies, so for these reasons you can expect that it will add considerable value to your home and would be a good choice for all living areas as well as bedrooms and hallways.

Location: The location should play a big part in your decision. A floor located on the 15th floor of an apartment building may require a different type of floor, a good choice might be an engineered floor, it has similar properties to the solid timber floor but comes in set lengths so getting up there won’t be a problem, also there is no need to drill into the concrete so your neighbours won’t be upset by the noise and probably the biggest benefit is the floor is prefinished and doesn’t need to be sanded and polished so there is no noise or strong fumes.


At Connollys Timber and Flooring we have been helping customers find the right solution to their flooring needs for over 30 years and would be delighted to be able to help you with yours. If you would like more information please call 1300 855 031. Or better still come and see us at our showroom located at 148 Gaffney St Coburg Nth

Choosing the right flooring for you home.

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