Spotlight on Blackbutt

Spotlight on Blackbutt Timber Flooring and Decking

Blackbutt in recent years has become one of the most popular timbers and for good reason.

Blackbutt has all of the qualities home owners are looking for when selecting flooring and decking for their projects. Its color is very appealing, having light to mid tone brown hues and subtle undertones make it great choice for a number of reasons. Firstly it will fit perfectly into virtually any color scheme, allowing a huge amount of flexibility with furnishings, paint colors and lighting.

Light to Mid-tone timbers don’t show the dirt and dust like dark timbers, so it is easy to maintain, your not going to spend your life trying to keep the floors looking clean.

Blackbutt is a very hard timber and wont mark easily, with a Janka rating of 9.1 it is significantly stronger than many other species of timbers. To put this into perspective, Pine has a hardness rating of just 2.8 and Tasmanian Oak 5.5. This makes Blackbutt a great choice for families with young children and for people that like to entertain.

Blackbutt is available in a number of products including: Flooring (both solid and engineered), Decking, various types of cladding such as shiplap, v join and shadowclad, it can also used for staircases and be found in furniture timbers.

Used externally in decking and cladding, Blackbutt is a great choice, it is a class 1 timber above ground, which is the most durable class and is also resistant to Lyctus and Termite attack.

With all the great things that Blackbutt has going for it, you might be surprised to find that it is probably one of the most affordable timbers you can buy. Prices for solid timber flooring start from as little as $65m2.

In our showroom we have extensive displays of blackbutt, in various sizes, grades and finishes. You can view Flooring, Decking and different types of wall claddings.


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