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“The perfect all rounder and simply the best timber floor you could ever have.”

Truer words have never been spoken, simply put, Spotted Gum is king when it comes to timber flooring, and I will explain why.

As I’m sure you are aware; there are many things to consider when choosing the right flooring for your home or project, a good way to do this is make a general list of the things you expect from the floor and then it’s usually a matter of trying to find something that will meet as many of these expectations as possible.

A typical list in no particular order, would comprise of things such as:

Personally I would never base my decision on price alone, but it does have to be a serious consideration, unfortunately not everyone has access to endless funds that will allow them to buy whatever they want. Having said that though – Spotted Gum is very well priced and great value for money. It is not the cheapest timber but by no means is it the most expensive either, there are plenty of other timbers that cost a lot more but in reality offer less.

The colour of the timber is probably the biggest deciding factor for most people and is often the hardest. Individual colour schemes, furniture and lighting are different in every house and finding something that suits your personal situation can be difficult, but this is where Spotted Gum really excels, the colour variation in the timber and the combination of these colours will go with an endless amount of colour schemes. It works perfectly no matter what colour you choose to paint your walls or the colour of your furniture. There really isn’t another timber that can do this quite as well as Spotted Gum. Other timbers can come close, for example Blackbutt is a very flexible timber and will work perfectly with most colour schemes but Spotted Gum is simply the King in this regard as I’m yet to find a situation where it doesn’t work.

There is a scale used to indicate the hardness of each timber which is the Janka Rating, this rating is a good way to get a quick guide of the toughness of each timber. There is a link to it here.
If you have a look at the table you will notice that Spotted Gum comes in at an 11 which is extremely hard timber, the hardest timber in Australia is Grey Box which comes in at 15 and is not unlike steel not only in strength but weight as well.
If you are looking for a floor that will stand up to high traffic, children and their toys, furniture and the ever feared high heel shoes, then Spotted Gum is going to be a great choice for you.

Return On Investment:
Whether you are planning to sell the property now or into the future, it only makes sense to put your hard eared money into something that is going to add value to that property and again, this is where Spotted Gum reigns supreme as it is simply the most popular timber with customers, I have been selling timber for over 30 years now and Spotted Gum has always been the most popular timber with customers followed by Blackbutt. So if you were to put your property on the market it is clearly going to be very popular with the majority of people and therefore bring in the largest amount of money at an auction.

Cleaning and Maintenance:
If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to spend your time cleaning constantly if you don’t have to and once again Spotted Gum has this covered in spades, it has a awesome mixture of mid-tones and some of the tones are even a perfect match for dirt. This means that even when the floor is dirty it will appear reasonably clean. If you were to choose a very light or very dark floor, you are going to have a constant battle on your hands trying to keep it looking clean, even the tiniest amount of dust is going to stand out like crazy and trust me on this, it will drive you crazy.
This will never be an issue with Spotted Gum so you can spend your free time doing the things you want to do instead of cleaning.
Maintenance is minimal at best, vacuuming as required and washing only when needed, both of which are very easy and quick on a timber floor when compared to carpet and tiles. A well looked after timber floor can easily give you 15 to 20 years of service before the need to re-polish.

Spotted Gum has many uses besides timber flooring; it is also an extremely popular choice for decking, wall cladding and is often used in structural applications where strength and longevity are required as it is a class 1 timber and is naturally resistant to insects and rotting.

As you can see Spotted Gum basically checks every box when it comes to choosing a floor and I recommend definitely putting it on your list of candidates when it is time to choose.

Thank-you for reading this article I sincerely hope it has been of some use or help to you and I encourage you to share it with anyone who is building or renovating a home.

If you wish to learn more about this fabulous timber or better yet would like to view it in a real world situation, I would invite you to visit our showroom that is open seven days a week, where we have full room displays in different grades and finishes. We are located at 148 Gaffney St Nth Coburg, our contact number is 03 9354 9998.