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Unlike other timber coatings, CUTEK oils work by penetrating and stabilising timber rather than by encapsulation. Cutek Products are the number one choice for outstanding protection and restoration of exterior timbers, with proven performance on hardwoods, softwoods and bamboo Cutek Extreme CD50 will penetrate deeply into any species of timber, including hardwoods and bamboo, to provide water repellency and assist with long term dimensional stability Cutek Extreme CD50 does not peel off or crack, but helps to control warping, cupping, and splitting; effectively enhancing the service life of timber. This characteristic ensures that future recoat preparation consists of a simple wash-down of the timber, rather than conventional sanding or stripping, resulting in significant savings in ongoing maintenance costs and time. Cutek Extreme CD50 stabilising oils are ideal for use as clear, water repellent protective coatings on exterior timber surfaces. Please note that the clear coated timber surface will lightly silver with age to produce a natural weathered appearance, while retaining its dimensional stability characteristics. If this natural silvering of the timber is undesirable, then colourtoned CUTEK stabilising oils should be used to delay the silvering process in addition to maintaining and enhancing the natural colour of freshly oiled timber. Cutek Extreme CD50 is suitable for use on weatherboads, shingles, board & batten, plywood, log buildings, beams, outdoor furniture, deckings, fascia boards, shutters, garage doors, joinery, spa pools, fences, posts… in fact virtually anything made of wood or bamboo Cutek Extreme CD50 can be easily applied by almost anyone. Cutek CD50 is available in different colourtones that are formulated to enhance the natural character and beauty of wood without obscuring the grain. Specially formulated colour-tones may be obtained to mix with clear Cutek Extreme CD50 to maintain the natural timber colour character, delay silvering, and retain the “freshly oiled look” for longer. When selecting from the range of colour-tones allow for the timber colour to naturally lighten during the first three to eight months after application, as natural weathering and leaching occurs. Retention of colour is more durable on rusticated, or band sawn timbers, and may be maximised by including the colour-tone in all applications of Cutek Extreme CD50. If colour-toned Cutek Extreme CD50 has faded over time, wash timbers with quick clean and apply a single coat of colour-toned Cutek CD50 to restore the original look of the protected timber.

cutec extreme cd50

Cutek CD50 is especially formulated for interior & exterior use

How To Apply Cutek CD50 Application Technique Avoid contact with plants, shrubs, trees and waterways. For best results one coat of CUTEK CD50 should be applied to all faces of the timber prior to fixing, with a second coat of CUTEK CD50 applied to the top once the first coat is completely penetrated and dry. The time taken for CUTEK CD50 to penetrate the surface varies significantly, depending on aspect, species, ambient temperature, porosity and moisture content of the timber.

Thicker sections such as posts, beams and logs will require additional coats of CUTEK CD50 in order to obtain adequate protection, as CUTEK CD50 has a cumulative effect in the wood with each application. Apply liberally with spray, brush, speed-brush, fabric mop, or roller while removing drips and sags as necessary. When using colour-toned Cutek CD50 it is essential that the pail be stirred frequently before and during use. The more Cutek CD50 that is absorbed, the longer the coating will last. Dense hardwoods absorb CUTEK more slowly, so several lighter coats are better than two liberal coats. Equipment may be cleaned with detergent and water, or mineral turpentine. IMPORTANT: Timber must feel completely dry and non-greasy before application of the second coat. While coloutoned CUTEK CD50 is a finish that enhances the natural character and beauty of wood, it is important to note that colourtones are only designed to intensify the natural colour characteristics of the timber species being coated. Therefore it is important to select a colourtone appropriate to the natural colour of the timber species being coated. Coverage IMPORTANT: These figures represent typical averages for common decking and cladding timbers such as Western Red Cedar, Pine, Spotted Gum, Jarrah, Merbau, Cypress etc. and are to used as a guideline only. New timber dressed 10 – 15 m2 per litre Old restored timber dressed 7 – 9 m2 per litre New timber rusticated or band sawn 7 – 9 m2 per litre Old restored timber rusticated or band sawn 4 – 7 m2 per litre Shingles and shakes 2 – 5 m2 per litre Timber Maintenance Cutek® CD50 must be reapplied as frequently as necessary to retain the natural beauty and colour of the timber. Surfaces that have been previously coated with CUTEK™CD50 that have faded, or started to “grey off” in the sun are easily and quickly restored to their original appearance without the need for any sanding and stripping, by treatment with CUTEK™ Proclean WAO and the application of one further coat of CUTEK™ CD50. IMPORTANT: CUTEK™CD50 is designed to gradually fade over time rather than peel off, split or crack as is the case with many conventional film forming coatings. For this reason, the rejuvenation and maintenance of CUTEK™ CD50 coated surfaces is a simple, fast, and cost effective process. Recoat time varies widely according to many factors including the age and porosity of the timber, species, situation, and exposure to the weather so we are unable to offer any specific performance warranties. Typically, horizontal exterior smooth surfaces exposed to full weather such as pool decks and handrails may require recoating every 6 months to 2 years, while vertical rough-sawn cladding may require maintenance less frequently. CUTEK PROCLEAN Cleans, brightens and restores wood surfaces back to the appearance of new timber. In addition it is exceptional at removing stubborn stains such as tannins, resin, fungal & algae stains, green CCA stains, oil and grease, surface greying and many other chemical stains that may destroy the natural beauty of wood.

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