Solid Timber floating shelves

We custom make our floating timber shelves to your dimensions, made from beautiful Victorian Hardwood, they are incredibly strong as well as visually stunning.

Why us

We help you design
the look you want.

Our shelves can be made up to 600mm wide and even 5m long. We can stain in a number of colours and all floating shelves come completely finished and ready to be installed. Our turn around time from order to pick up or delivery is normally about two to three weeks.

Floating shelf installation

Follow step by step, for a pain free installation of your floating timber shelves. When purchasing shelves from Connollys, be sure to order a drill block they make the process far easier, without it you may find it difficult to keep the drill bit straight

Perfect for every room

Floating timber shelves have become increasingly popular in interior design for their versatility, aesthetic appeal, and practical benefits. These stylish shelves, seemingly suspended in mid-air without visible brackets, offer a range of advantages that make them a preferred choice for homeowners and designers alike.

One of the primary benefits of floating timber shelves is their ability to maximize space and create a clean, uncluttered look. Without visible supports, these shelves provide a seamless and minimalist appearance, making them an excellent choice for modern and contemporary interiors. The absence of brackets also contributes to the illusion of more space, making rooms feel larger and more open.

Floating timber shelves are known for their adaptability in various design schemes. Whether you prefer a rustic, industrial, or Scandinavian aesthetic, these shelves can effortlessly complement different styles. Timber’s natural warmth and character add a touch of elegance to any space, creating a timeless and inviting atmosphere.

Installation flexibility is another advantage of floating timber shelves. As they don’t rely on traditional brackets, these shelves can be mounted at different heights and orientations, allowing for customized and creative arrangements. This adaptability makes them an excellent choice for displaying a range of items, from books and decorative pieces to kitchen essentials.

Durability and strength are inherent features of timber, making floating timber shelves both sturdy and reliable. With proper installation, these shelves can bear a significant amount of weight, making them suitable for displaying a variety of items without compromising safety.

Additionally, maintenance is relatively straightforward for floating timber shelves. Regular dusting and occasional polishing are usually sufficient to keep them looking their best. The natural beauty of the wood can be preserved with minimal effort, making these shelves a practical and aesthetically pleasing storage solution.

In conclusion, the benefits of floating timber shelves extend beyond their visual appeal. From their space-saving design and adaptability to the durability of the material, these shelves offer a combination of form and function that can enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of any living space. Whether used for practical storage or as a decorative element, floating timber shelves stand out as a versatile and timeless choice in interior design.

Save time and money, you can DIY the shelves

Installing the Floating Shelves

I know it may be daunting for some, but installing the shelves really isn’t to difficult, so long as you can use a level and a drill and take your time, you will be installing like a Pro.

The first step is to watch the video supplied on this page and follow the instructions carefully. 

The beauty of video is you can pause and rewind as many times as necessary to complete the task.

If you purchased the shelves from Connollys and you get stuck or just need some extra support, never fear, we are only a phone call away and are happy to talk to you.

If your looking for some more inspiration, take a look at our Instagram page here: CONNOLLYS