Bostitch Secret Nail Gun Hire

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Price for hire is $55.00 per day

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Features and Benefits
High-speed, mallet actuated pneumatic operation increases productivity over manual methods
Extra-wide composite base plate for added stability (1/2″ and 3/4″ base plates included)
Long reach handle for improved comfort and control (short handle optional)
Kit includes: Stapler, Graphite Mallet, Pre-Finished Flooring Adapter Foot
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Product Details
Height 377.95mm
Length 438.15mm
Width 79.5mm
Weight 5.08 kilos
Driving Power 420 Inch Lbs.
Fastener Range 25mm to 45mm 15-1/2GA Staples
Magazine Capacity 92 Staples
Operating Pressure 70 – 90 PSI
Solid and engineered hardwood flooring installation