Office Renovation and upgrades

Office Renovations

To start out the year we decided it was a good time to rejuvenate some of our display floors and change outdated coatings.

The upstairs area has had a full gloss coating for the past 18 years and still looked good, but times and trends change, and so does the things people want in their homes.

So taking advantage of a brief shutdown over the Christmas period, we decided to sand back the older upstairs and downstairs areas of the showroom, and replace the previously gloss polyurethane coating upstairs with a Treatex Hard Wax Oil in a Matt finish, and to

the downstairs to a combination coating system in a Satin Finish applied, both truly look incredible and will service our customers well into the future.
Not only did we rejuvenate the floors, but the front office renovation got an extensive makeover as well.

First we knocked out the brickwork between the office and a small store room that really couldn’t be utilised properly due its long narrow shape.

the result of introducing that narrow space into to the office gave us a much larger and more effective work area, to which we added a large amount of cupboards and bench space.

A custom made desk with under bench draws and shelves made it possible to put folders and printers out of the way but still easily accessible.

Feature timber walls made from French Oak and Roasted Blackbutt are toped off by limed washed shiplap timber ceilings that complete to the picture.
A few other helpful additions were a reverse cycle air conditioner for those hot summer and chilly winters days. Two large screen displays and LED Lighting.
Considering we designed the space as we went, we were extremely happy with the finished product, it is a totally functional, extremely comfortable and looks amazing, it is truly a space in which you want to be in, especially when that space is where you spend all day every day.


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