Free Gift

Connollys timber and flooring wants to help you keep your floors looking their best.
With every floor we supply, install and polish we are giving each customer a free gift, A White Magic Microfibre spin mop kit.
One of the key factors in keeping your floors looking the best is using the correct cleaning methods. Regular sweeping with a microfibre pad will remove most of the dirt and dust that act as an abrasive on the floor, failure to do so can cause the finish to become dull or in some case cause ugly scratches.

When washing the floor, only a damp mop should ever be used. Water should never be flooded onto the floor. This is where the spin mop excels, with very little effort the spin mop is wrung out creating the ideal mopping pad for cleaning your floors.

Within the kit you receive; The mop handle and head, one microfibre dusting mop, one microfinger mop, one microfibre mop, the spin mop bucket, all absolutely free.

If you already have timber floors and are looking for the right cleaning solution we have them on sale in our Coburg Showroom for $79.00 We also carry a full range of accessories and replacement pads.