Australian Oak Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered Timber Flooring, with an Australian Hardwood

Australian Oak engineered hardwood flooring is the combination of a beautiful hardwood floor, a hard wearing coating and a super stable substrate – manufactured to the quality you’d expect from Australia’s largest hardwood mill. The resulting product is a floor of stunning architectural appearance that increases stability and offers speedy installation. 

Australian Oak engineered hardwood flooring is made from a combination of regrowth and plantation hardwoods. The wear layer on top is our trusted, regrowth hardwood species which is PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC) certified and grown in Australia.

Innovation combined with expertise 


The hardwood ply substrate is a mix of plantation hardwood species that are glued to the wear layer using a method known as ‘balanced construction’. Using a hardwood ply (instead of an MDF or pine make up) not only increases the floors density and reduces the risk of indentation but it also ensures that no one layer (veneer) is the dominant piece. By gluing these veneers together in a cross laminated orientation, the boards work together to minimise any risk of expansion and contraction. The benefits with engineered timber flooring are that a less experienced tradesperson is capable of laying a floor with minimal risk of movement after installation. It also opens the possibility of laying in front of large windows or over the top of in-slab heating (see warranty for details). This added stability also allows wider, more attractive boards to be used with less risk of gapping between each board.


Back sawn (or crown cut) grain is another benefit offered by the construction method. Crown cut grain is often more desirable in flooring applications due to the unique patterns created in the swirly grain. These are often highlighted in the staining process or brush finishing. The orientation of crown cut grain, however, is not as stable as quarter sawn timber but by gluing down to a balanced ply, the desirable appearance is not only possible but becomes incredibly stable. 

LED cured hardwax oils are applied to the wear layer to increase longevity, reduce the risk of scratching and create uniquely attractive colour choices – see below for colour options.

The hardwood wear layer on top is thick enough to sand and re-polish multiple times throughout life if required. This is particularly beneficial as trends change over the decades and is much more desirable than replacing boards (which is likely in a cheaper floor that does not have the ability to sand and re-polish). Australian Oak engineered flooring is naturally blonde in colour which allows re-staining from light through to dark colours – should you desire in the future.

Colour Range


Ash are able to manufacturer a high quality product at minimal cost because they use their own logs.

Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH) have the largest volume of regrowth hardwood logs in Australia.

They aren’t ‘double-dipping’ by purchasing hardwood logs from external businesses to produce this floor. This helps us keep our floor competitively priced even when combined with quality substrates and glues.



We understand the Australian market and the desire for different aesthetic requirements. That’s why we created two appearance grades.

Select grade has a sleek finish and showcases only the character within the wood grain and minimal natural timber effects such as gum vein and knots.

Feature grade has the works: gum vein, filled cracks, knots and worm holes to say the least.

Colour Range


Our hardwood range of timbers are some of the most trusted and valued in the Australian market.

Match Australian Oak flooring with any number of our stair, window, door, joinery, decking, cladding and furniture products to create a continuous flow of design from inside to out.


A 25 year structural warranty and a 15 year wear warranty are provided with Australian Oak Engineered Flooring. 


190mm x 15mm – available with a 2mm or 4mm wear layer.
130mm x 19mm – available with a 4mm wear layer.


Our Eucalypt species has less knots than European Oak but a little more character in the form of natural gum vein. We separate these characteristics into different grades which create a uniquely Australian Oak floor.